I offer a range of studio services on and off site. I have done studio work for artists and feature artists including Bitter Belief, Mr Grevis, Creed Birch, Hyjak, Adam Crook, NFA, Nick Sheppard (The Clash), Seth Sentry, Maundz, Raven, Dazastah, Optamus, Grey Ghost, Layla, Drapht, Downsyde, Hunter, Mortar, Graphic, Tomahawk, The Tongue, Pez, Apathy (US), Mantra, The Optimen, Purpose, Matt Gresham, Illy, Grandmaster Caz (US), Copywrite (US), RA The Rugged Man (US), Solomon Child (US), Chino XL (US), A.G. (US), Keith Murray (US), Sean Strange (US), Block Mcloud (US), The Engineer (Canada), Chase, TY (UK), Sonny Jim (UK), Jam Baxter (UK) and many others. The rates are listed and explained below:

Service Rate
Recording Perth Studio $80 p/h (Uncle Sam $50 starting July 1st 2016)
Beat composition $100 p/h
Mixing/ Mastering $80 p/h
Scratching $120 per 8 bars samples provided $250 per 8 bars no samples provided
Live act DJ’ing Negotiated


– All services include 1 hr session for “fix ups” or change to the work done, but any further work will be charged at the normal rate.

– Packaged pricing can be negotiated for larger projects. Examples of my studio work can be sent via email or Facebook.

– As of 1st of August 2014 a $50 cancelation fee will apply without 48 hour notification.

Recording: I have a large range of microphones and hardware, and am well versed in tracking and mixing professional quality vocals. I can also record almost any instrument in my studio except drums (due to lack of space). My Studio is in Perth. Appointments must be booked well in advance, but some urgent work can be arranged. Charged at $60 an hour. Email full_proof_@hotmail.com or Facebook for more information.


I can also produce out of 2pm Records in Perth if requested for $65 an hour http://2pmrecords.com/

: I have some analogue, but mostly digital equipment and offer mixing and mastering from stems or stereo files as needed. Charged at $80 an hour. Email full_proof_@hotmail.com or Facebook for more information.

Scratching: I can do sequenced chorus scratching or technical scratching as needed on a track. 8 bars with samples provided is $120. If I have to find relevant samples to scratch it’s charged at $250 a track. Email full_proof_@hotmail.com or Facebook for more information.

I can also DJ for live acts or DJ mixing which is negotiable. I have DJ’d for a whole list of artists including Drapht, Bias B, Reason, Maggot Mouf, Bigfoot, Tuka, Ellesquire, Bitter Belief, Creed Birch, Ozi Battla, Mr Grevis, Grey Ghost, Hunter, Dazastah, Optamus, Adam Crook, LSD and The Missus, Matt Gresham, Soma, Slackjaw, Sever and many others. Email full_proof_@hotmail.com or Facebook for more information.

DJing for Drapht in Bundaberg

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